Learning, Loving, Leading.

I felt a call to the ministry as I was nearing the end of high school.  Other students were deciding which universities they would attend, what branch of the Armed Services they would enlist, or whether furthering their education was a worthwhile endeavor.  I sensed deep within that I was called to something else.

To test and see what it was that God had for me, shortly after high school I headed to Kampala, Uganda to serve and help out where ever needed.  It was there that God began to plant the seed that communication, administration, and implementation were gifts given to serve the church.

Since that time I have served in various capacities from children, youth, and young adult ministry, to church administration.  I see my gifts working themselves out in the local church as a pastor that specializes in shepherding, communication, and organization.

This blog is a collection of thoughts on learning, loving, and leading by the grace of God for the church of God.


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